About Me

 I worked in pharmacy for a long time before choosing to become a counsellor. 

In an attempt to find a career I enjoyed  I enrolled in the Cosca counseling course to see if working with others in a more professional capacity was for me. I loved it and very quickly signed up for the Post Graduate Diploma in Person Centred Counselling.

 This was a life changing experience. It altered how I saw and interacted with the world and the people in it, changing how I am in all my relationships. In particular the one I have with myself.

It also took me into personal therapy which i believe is a vital and necessary experience for any good counsellor to have had. I found this invaluable.

I am able to be more open and honest, as well as compassionate and kind. When working with clients I fully commit to the session and don’t shy away from difficult conversations or issues. It is my intention to sit with clients in the darkness of where they may be at in that moment not to show them the light but to keep them company while they work out what it is they need to do next.... If anything!!