I have experience in dealing with the struggles of Autism either personally or in your family 

Addiction and low self-esteem which always seem to go together 

Understanding eating disorders 

Dealing with the consequences of past abuse that may be resurfacing and interfering with life today 

I can help you gain perspective on particular situations. (work issues or possibly a breakdown in a relationship )

 Help make sense of issues  that always seem to be problematic for you

To be able to change behaviours you struggle with or make your relationships difficult

 Negotiating life changes or a crisis (e.g. bereavement or marriage breakdown)

 Struggling with difficult feelings and emotions

 Transforming self-criticism and developing self-care and self-awareness

 Dealing with difficult or destructive relationships ( e.g  domestic abuse)

 Dealing with difficult or painful relationships.  ( e.g dealing with problematic children or with an autism diagnosis amongst other things)