cost per session £40

Sessions last for 50mins and usually take place weekly but this is not a requirement and we can discuss all aspects of how we would work together in our initial session. It is my responsibility to keep good time boundaries and I do this by starting on time and taking responsibility for ending the session on time too. Clients can come to counselling for various reasons, this can determine how many sessions you may need in order to feel that counseling has been effective. 

What can you expect?

 I will bring my whole self to sessions. I am committed and reliable. I will treat your sessions with complete confidentiality with few exceptions. Your own life or the life of another being at risk would be an exception to this rule. In this instance I would hope we could come to an agreement and source additional help.

I will be supportive kind and compassionate as well as at times curious and possibly challenging. I intend to do this in an effective and professional way without seeming controlling or pushy. I respect every clients right to do things their own way at their own pace.

I will be honest with you about what I can and cannot do and would be happy to refer you on to other counselors if I feel I am not equipped to support you effectively.